Vulnerability For The Win

On January 11th, 2019, Alicia and I sat at my dining room table a little terrified. We were about to hit a button labeled “publish.” 

Pressing that publish button also meant we were pressing our vulnerable buttons. We knew we were about to get vulnerable with our stories, our walk with God, our struggles and our victories. All of it, was scary. 

Sometimes, in order to make a difference we have to take a chance and tell our vulnerable stories. Thankfully, you, our community of Reclaimers listened and shared your stories too. So incredible!

Well, because of you, our Community of Reclaimers we have exciting news to share!

~Reclaimed Story has become an official chapter of “SaveOne.” Which provides training for us as we lead women and men through healing in Christ after an abortion experience.

~In the past year we have had 2046 people from 31 different countries visit

~We have been able to pray with and for many people as they courageously reclaim their story through Christ.

~God connected our dream with friends! We have 1000 square feet of office space with no lease for the future home of a new pregnancy equipping center in Tucson. 

~Thank you! We have raised over $10,000 to help launch that aspect of this ministry. 

~After an amazing meeting with our local Pregnancy Center God began confirming all of the potential that is ahead in our city.

~We were invited to film 3 episodes on HSBN with our friend Sally Smale, and 1 project that will bring awareness of abortion survivors. That should launch at the March for Life in Washington D.C. on January 25th, 2020.

~We were invited to a local speaking engagement with women and shared about the beauty of Immanuel, God With Us. 

We have learned that Courage + Vulnerability = Seeing God Move!

Your favorite posts of 2019 are the ones that took the most courage to publish.

Here are the top 3!

1. The Next Right Step – How God brought 4 women together unexpectedly, to open a Pregnancy Resource Center. 
2. I am 1 of 165,550 – I share the truth about being aborted and surviving. 
3. The Trip That Launched Reclaimed Story – This was the hardest for me to write. Until this post, only a handful of people knew my story. Through this post, many people have come to us and shared stories of their own trauma desiring healing.

This is only the beginning! 

We have tons of new content coming your way!

~In 2020, we have a Podcast and Vlog launching where we will be sharing “Reclaimed Stories.” Get ready for real, raw, stories of how God has moved in the lives of people just like you.

~In the Spring, we have been invited to speak at a women’s conference in Phoenix, AZ. 

~We will be opening our doors to the Pregnancy Equipping Center in Tucson, AZ. God is already sending women our way and we haven’t even launched yet! 

~Wear With All – Stay tuned for a line of merchandise that will inspire you and encourage you as Reclaimers!

Thank you for your support and love! 

We are a Collective Community of Reclaimers, in 2020 let’s get the message out that God restores, heals, and reclaims our story through Christ!

2 thoughts on “Vulnerability For The Win

  1. Ari Kelly says:

    D, I am enjoying reading your blog! Seth mentioned it, very casually, and I found it!!! Thank you for sharing and I’m interested in seeing you speak in Phoenix if that’s possible 🙂 I’m so thankful there’s a Denisha in this world <3

    • Denisha Workizer says:

      Ari, thank you! It has been so much fun for me, thanks for looking for it! I will keep you posted on the date in Phoenix, it will be locked in soon.

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