I was born at a very young age…. no, really….like a month early.
I am your stereotypical homeschooled pastor’s kid; awkward and a bit nerdy….no…it’s true. My two amazing brothers and I were born in California and our family moved to Arizona when we were young. Growing up I was terribly shy. But working with kids has changed that to a degree. During high school, we did 4-H for a few years…told you….stereotypical homeschooler…yes, we raised chickens, and yes, my chicken would sit in my room while I did my school work….
I started working in Children’s Ministry in High School and was hooked. I got my start teaching after-school Bible clubs with elementary aged children and doing summer camps through Child Evangelism Fellowship.
I first discovered my passion and love for working with teens thanks to 3 sisters in a band called BarlowGirl. I fell in love with their music and discovered their online message board. Eventually, I was asked to join the leadership team that moderated the site. During that time period, I discovered my love for discipleship,  mentoring, and behavioral health. I also met some of the most amazing people who have impacted my life in more ways than they probably realize. Thank you Barlow Family, Mods, Ratts, and SPers.
A short time after high school, I moved out to work at a year-round camp for kids aged 7-17 who would come out on the weekend during the school year and for a whole week during the summer. I loved it. The kids came from a variety of backgrounds such as group homes, foster care, Native American reservations, or were just brought by a family member, social worker, etc.
In addition to being a girls’ team leader, occasionally subbing as a boys team leader, chasing kids around a 40-acre campus, wrestling goats and doing community outreach programs, I began working with the teens who came out as youth helpers. Not only did it deep my love for mentoring and discipleship with youth, but inspired me to get my Certificate of Theology and Biblical Studies from Liberty University Online.
When I moved back to Tucson I began working at a women’s and children’s homeless and recovery center as the Chaos Manager….I mean…Children’s Chaplain. Working with the women there, watching them reclaim their stories, get custody of their kids back, or just repair and restore their relationship with Jesus and with their kids was amazing. As well as watching the kids encounter Jesus in real ways for the first time in their lives. It was amazing. It inspired me to begin writing my own children’s Bible curriculum due to the fact that I couldn’t find one to fit the structure of my program. (It’s not finished yet….lol)
While working there also I started working at an inpatient behavioral health and addiction recovery treatment center for teen girls and loved it. My coworkers were amazing, we ran that unit like no one’s business.
When that unit closed down, and I left the shelter, I started working at Springboard Home, the Teen Challenge center for teen girls here in Tucson. I was Direct Care staff there for two amazing years and loved watching my girls get wrecked by Jesus, teaching them to crochet and instilling in them a deep love of puns.
After that, I got a job at an outpatient behavioral health clinic that provided services for behavioral and mental health, homelessness, addiction recovery, court-ordered treatment, etc. It was very boring and nothing ever happened and the police were never called… JK
I was there for about a year before I received a text from the new Director of Springboard Home, the Teen Challenge center where I had worked before, asking me if I would be willing to come back as a Biblical Counselor. Long story short, I said yes, and I LOVE IT! I get to be a part of an amazing team of women and we are going to influence revival as we help to reclaim the stories of this hurting generation, one teenager at a time. Please be praying for me and my whole team as we are on the front lines. If you want to learn more, feel free to ask or click here!
Likes: Being an aunt, Apologetics, Puns, Crochet, Marvel/DC, Jokes, Coffee, Reading, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Youth, Disney, Veggie Tales, Movie nights…etc
Living The Reclaimed Life,
~ Alicia
Wanna hear a joke about me as a writer? If I ever got arrested for bad grammar I’d have a really long sentence…..