If I could, I would love to sit down with you, a cup of coffee in our hands, a fuzzy blanket on our laps, and have an honest conversation about life.

I’ll bet we’d have amazing stories to share. Some of triumph and joy, while others of challenge and defeat. We would probably define our chapters by the strength of the things we conquered or were conquered by. Each chapter has made us who we are today.

Friends, I have a CRA-ZY story.

In fact, many crazy stories within the crazy story that has been my life. I have hidden, wrestled with, and fought to bury the details for years. Then my 40’s hit. All of the unreconciled parts of my story began to surface. It has been an adventure, one that has forced me to grow into and depend on a vibrant relationship with Christ.

I wouldn’t change my story for anything. While still in the process of learning and growing, I embrace that this is a life long process, one that I wouldn’t change for anything.

I am passionate about encouraging others to engage in a vibrant life with Christ.

Back in the day, I used to think that being a Christ follower meant lots of rules and no fun. Buckle up because, this is the most exciting, fun-filled thrill ride ever!

My husband James and I have been married since 2000. Together, we are raising 3 kids who add adventure, true grit, and an enormous amount of laughter to our lives. Our house is crazy all the time. Kids in and out, sounds, smells, crazy laughter and many memories. We are learning every day how to be the best parents that we can be. I often wonder who is doing the most teaching; us or our kids?

If you hang out with me for long enough, you will realize that I have a major dorky side and a high value for fun. I will laugh way too loud at my own joke, even before I finish telling it, and instantly jump on the opportunity to build a fort with my 8-year-old.

Currently, I serve as an Adult Communities Pastor as well as one of the teaching Pastors at Casas Church in Tucson, Arizona. I have been on staff since 2010; I love our church and the amazing people I get to do life with!

Prior to Casas, I have a unique 20-year background in business, sales, and leadership. My first career was in the jewelry business where I managed different stores within Kay Jewelers. It was there that I met my husband and some of my closest friends that are still in my life over 20 years later.

In late 2002, our life was about to change… forever.

We were expecting our first child. Working on my feet, the stress and the hours that were demanded of a store manager was no longer a good fit for me. I left the corporate job that I loved to begin my own business with a friend of mine.

In 2002, we began Trinity Diamonds with a heart to fund orphanages. What an adventure that was! Starting out with 10 rings and a large dream, two women, took the jewelry industry by storm. Through God’s favor, (Seriously, there are some crazy stories up in there!) we landed contracts with David’s Bridal and brand name jewelry wholesalers, that we had no business having as a small retailer.

We were the first jewelers in Tucson to have our own 3D Cad design system. We could design a ring that didn’t exist before your eyes on a screen and place the image of the ring on your hand. Our business took off. We were able to be a part of several orphanage projects in other countries. It wasn’t long after that when God began moving me out.

I felt like the Lord was telling me it was time to let the business go. At the same time, I had just had our 2nd child and our business was on the edge of blast off.

How do I tell my best friend and business partner that I felt like God was telling me to leave the business we had created together?

I didn’t have to. About a month later, over dinner, she said she felt God leading her to take over the business. Whoa. We were both scared to tell each other how we felt. God had a plan, the business became hers and to this day she is still running Trinity Diamonds; a trustworthy, thriving business in Tucson.

Not long after, I began working at Casas Church. I wanted to devote my life to ministry but I never thought I would be working at a church. Soon I was ordained as a Pastor and served for 8 years in our Children’s ministry, where I met my next group of amazing friends; including Alicia.

This website is not a ministry of Casas Church, there is not an affiliation between Casas and Reclaimed Story; except for me. I am thankful for leadership who believes in me and has allowed me to spread my wings in the ways that I feel called through this site.

My hope is to cheer you on in your faith and inspire you to see God in everyday life.

To see Him in the narrative of your life both past, present, and future. The things we have overcome; our wounds and our victories, may be the very thing that God uses to help us reclaim our story. May those victories be a victory for those around us as well.

As a Christ follower, wife, mom, pastor, speaker, fort-builder, book hoarder, and relentless optimist, I look forward to getting to know your story.

Living the Reclaimed life,