Reclaimed Story is an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation with the desire to:

  • Create a safe community where people feel seen, cared for and believed in as they reclaim their story. 
  • Provide resources for people to discover restoration in all areas of their life through Christ. 
  • Share inspiring stories of transformation through media that will bring the love and hope of Jesus around the world.
  • Offer Abortion Recovery for women, men, and family members who have been affected by abortion. 
  • Bring awareness to the reality of abortion survivors.

With You Tucson Ministries

  • It is our desire to partner with women who make the courageous decision for life during an unexpected pregnancy.
  • We are in the process of renovating 1000 square feet of space to open this ministry in Tucson, Arizona. #buildingwithyou 
  • We will connect new mom’s with a mentor family who will partner with them for the crucial first 5 years of their child’s life.
  • Provide pregnancy resources to expectant moms as well as help and support.
  • Make classes available for topics such as pregnancy, life skills, and parenting.