Reclaimed Story’s mission is to bring hope and healing to women who find themselves wrestling with parts of their story and are ready to break free and live a victorious life.

Many women long to live a life of purpose yet feel overwhelmed by the expectation to do so without flaws. Reclaimed Story created this safe place to help women break free from the things holding them back, reclaim their painful past, boldly embrace their purpose, and rejoice in their freedom.

Success for us looks like women not having to hide from their hurt, no longer feeling weighed down by shame, regret, or feeling stuck or alone in their emotional pain and living a vibrant life with Christ.

We add value by: 

  • Providing resources and teaching for women to discover restoration in all areas of their lives through Christ. 

  • Sharing inspiring stories of real-life transformation through media that will bring the love and hope of Jesus around the world.

  • Humanizing abortion by bringing awareness to abortion survivors. 

  • Allowing a place for abortion survivors to receive healing and find their voice through our work with The Abortion Survivors Network. 

  • Partnering with women who make the courageous decision for life during an unexpected pregnancy through our partnership with With You Tucson Ministries. 

  • Connecting new mom’s with a mentor family who will partner with them for the crucial first five years of their child’s life.

  • Providing pregnancy resources to pregnant moms and help, support, life skills, and parenting classes.

  • Offering abortion recovery programs for women, men, and family members who have been affected by abortion. 

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